Back in September 2023 :


  • Californian massage : light fluid relaxing strokes
  • Hot stones : cocooning and enveloping
  • Elixir de bougie (candle) : for calm and serenity     



  • Tha├» oil massage : A mix of stretching, firm pressure, rhythmic massage and rolling techniques are used over the whole body and along the meridian or energy lines. This treatment brings deep tissue relaxation and improved flexibility in muscles and joints. It is perfect for anyone who is particularly stressed or needs invigorating.
  • Swedish massage : revitalizing and invigorating
  • Japanese massage : working on acupressure points




  • Trip to Bali : reduce stress and rebalance your body
  • Polynesian Beach : evasion and relaxation
  • Japanese facial massage : anti-aging, relaxing, energetic, provides with a natural lifting effect


  • Manual lymphatic drainage : to ease the swelling in your tissues, to reduce water retention, and to stimulate blood circulation and tissue regeneration. You will feel lighter and more energized :)
  • Back or Foot massage : 30 min of great feeling of well-being
  • Head massage : with or without oil, brings deep relaxation, relieves tensions in the head, neck, and upper-back, alleviates headaches
  • Massage for Runners : To prepare your legs before your race or to recover after your run. This massage will bring you lots of benefits: it improves circulation, faster recovery, improves immune function, reduces stress hormones and will alleviate muscle soreness.


  • Deep Releasing Massage : a deep tissue massage, without oil, that works on fascias (connective tissue that supports 80% of our body) to relieve chronic pains. This technique is used to release the restriction in the connective tissue so that you have greater range of motion and less pain. The pressure applied will be maintained for three to five minutes at a time in the targeted area. Using steady pressure is the key. The fibers must be allowed sufficient time to soften and stretch. No oil is used in order to locate and release the areas of connective tissue that are restricted.This kind of massage is very slow and deep, it brings an overall relaxation.


or you can ask for a customized massage (duration and zones)

Massages are NON therapeutic, and NON sexual